High performance hydrokinetic turbine

The MegaWattBlue® technology: a nozzle accelerates the water flow and thus doubles the recoverable energy of the Guinard Energies current turbine.


Hybrid electricity production system

More than one billion people do not have access to electricity. Guinard Energies offers a complete solution for electricity generation from renewable energy mix.

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Industrial tidal turbine

20 kW tidal current turbine demonstrator is under construction. The industrial tidal turbine will be installed in French Brittany in 2018

Learn more of our MegaWattBlue® P154 project

The kinetic energy of tides and rivers

The potential of hydrokinetic river and tidal turbine

Hydrokinetic energy - a renewable resource

The force of water, hydrokinetic power, can be harnessed by tidal and river current turbines and converted in electricity. Rivers and marine currents are significant resources of energy, the world capacities are estimated at over 120 GW for Oceans only.

The whole team of Guinard Energies is working to recover this energy. Our hydrokinetic river and tidal turbine technology has been developed with the objective of making this electricity production cost-effective and economically viable. Our first production units are already competitive compared to Genset for non-interconnected areas.

We provide hybrid electricity production system (photovoltaics, batteries, hydrokinetic turbines, etc.) for isolated territories and thus ensure the socio-economic development of these areas. We are targeting larger production units as shown in our demonstrator project for a 20 kW  MegaWattBlue® P154 turbine in French Brittany.