Hydro kinetic power assessment

In situ measurement of water speed and extractible power, energy forecast


Poseide® is an in situ autonomous measurement device able to assess actual extractible power.

The device is easily deployable, all over the world.

We are able to build high resolution numerical current speed models of installation sites. The models are fed with in-situ speed and power datas from the measurement campaigns. This double expertise allows us to provide reliable information on economical indicators, such as ROI.

The Poseide® device, certified by DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement - French defense Procurment Agency), allows to reduce uncertainties relative to extractible power, and profitability of your project.


Over the last few years, actual cases feedback shows that electrical power prediction is frequently overestimated. In fact, power is calculated based on ADCP speed figures gathered during pre-installation campaigns. These figures are averaged, and do not take into account the turbulent flow effects on turbine's efficiency. We stand that the raw current speed value is not sufficient to quantify the available electric power. Understanding of eddies, related to local topography is a key factor to make reliable predictions. The Poseide® system purpose is to take into account the site specificities to assess real extractible power.
This compact measurement system is ready to be sent anywhere in the world. Measurement campaigns can be, if necessary, consolidated with numerical current speed models, so as to offer an ideal turbine implantation scheme, and a profitability study. French Guyana measurement campaign - november 2016
Power assessment is built by agregating factors specific to the site (rivers, rainload, navigation issues...), and hydrodynamics datas (tidal wave, current model, sea state statistics...). These datas are consolidated by in situ measurements, with the Poseide® device. Cyclic environmental factors such as tidal stream are predictible over decades, though securing business model of your projects.
Poseide® system has been designed to be easily deployed all over the world.

Poseide® device on the deck of a small craft

Only requirements to deploy the system are :

  • a vessel or barge fitted with a small crane (5 T.m capacity) and free space (6 sqm²) on the deck
  • a good anchoring system, depending of the current speed, able to reach the barge in static position with 350kg turbine's additionnal drag.