A green electrification solution


Poseide 66 – MegaWattBlue®

The 66 cm diameter MegaWattBlue® technology is the turbine that will meet the daily electricity needs of an household with its power of 3.5 kW.

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Poseide 154 – MegaWattBlue®

The 1.54 m diameter MegaWattBlue® technology is the turbine that will meet the daily electricity needs of a district with its power of 20 kW.

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C66 Hybride 2.6

Poseide 66 tidal turbine production control and optimization converter.

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C154 Hybride 20.30

Converter for regulation, storage and distribution of the production of Poseide 154 tidal turbines.

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Hybrid production system

More than one bilion people do not have access to electricity. We provide a complete solution to produce electricity from a mix of reneable energy sources.

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The MegaWattBlue® hydrokinetic turbines are the world’s most effective. The first industrial products are currently on track for completion.

We chose to manufacture our products in France to benefit from our valuable partners expertise for the design of a high performance and competitive device.

The power of the turbine has been assessed and certified by French authorities (Direction Général de l'Armement Technique Hydrodynamique).

Off-grid solutions

Thanks to the high compactness and performance of the MegaWattBlue® technology, Guinard Energies offer a power production option for non-interconnected energy areas.

A series of devices from 66 cm (3.5 kW) to 8 m (1 MW)  diameter allow to provide specific solution for each site (water depth, flow velocity, confinement, …) and to meet the energy needs.

In order to draw up an adapted solution, we must value precisely each site’s energy potential. Therefore, we carry out as a first step a hydrokinetic power assessment campaign with our measurement device :  Poseide®.

Following this campaign, an optimized layout could be put forward according to the production expected.