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High performance for a best return

High performance hydrokinetic turbine

The MegaWattBlue® technology: a nozzle accelerates the water speed and thus doubles the recoverable energy of the Guinard Energies current turbine.


Industrial tidal turbine

Our MegaWattBlue® technology is used for an industrial 20 kW turbine. This hydrokinetic turbine will be installed in Brittany in 2018

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Technological innovations

The marine and river environments are very complex, innovation and creativity are the keys to a successful technology.

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Our hydrokinetic turbine

Renewables energies development is vital. Their profitability is the main asset to facilitate their emergence. 

So far, current tidal turbine technologies appear oversized compared to the announced power. Poor effective design involves an excessive weight and high installation cost. 

All our R & D team has been focused on reducing the weight and size of the tidal turbine  to achieve competitive power generation technology. 

Therefore, we are also developing an innovative self buoyant gravity base foundation to reduce installation costs and make easier maintenance in operational condition - CAPEX and OPEX reductions. 

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Hydrokinetic turbine