High performance hydrokinetic turbine

Highly efficient ducted hydrokinetic turbine

  • 30% flow acceleration
  • Power increased by a factor of 2
  • Free slewing with the current
Most of today tidal turbines design are similar to wind turbine technology. Hydrokinetic turbines must be developed specifically to meet the marine environment peculiarities.
  • Weight and size too large make more complex installation
  • Low energy efficiency
  • Cost of kWh too high
MegaWattBlue® is a high performance hydrokinetic turbine giving priority to the cost of electricity (kWh/€). Since the cost of an industrial equipment deeply depends on its weight, therefore the turbine's  Kg / kWh ratio must be much lower than other existing technology. Also, the best energy efficiency must be focused together with optimum reliability and productivity. To achieve these goals, our turbines have been developed in partnership with hydrodynamics and electrical experts.
  • Scientific laboratories(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Marine Research compagnies (Doris Engineering, Ship-ST, Ceteal)
  • Basin test centers (Bassin d’essais des carènes DGA-TH, Ifremer)
  • Specialized suppliers (Bernard-Bonnefond, Barrillec, Keep Motion, ENTECH SE)
  • Electric power regulation and conversion research institute (ISEN )
  • Marine operations experts (Iroise Mer, Mojomaritime)
  • Shipbuilders (Navtis, CBS, Damen)
  • ENSTA Bretagne
  • High performance hydrokinetic turbine
  • Free slewing with current direction
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Compatible with shallow water areas
  • Closer to coasts and consumption areas
  • More installation sites around the world
Megawattblue technology is declined in a range of turbines from 66 cm (3.5 kW) to 8 meters (1 MW) rotor diameter. Our first product P66 is already available. The construction of P154 turbine (20 kW) is on going and the installation is planned by end of 2018 in French Brittany.
  • P66 3.5 kW
  • P154 20 kW
  • P400 250 kW