P66 hydrokinetic turbine

Marine renewable energy production


This compact river and tidal curent turbine have been developed in order to provide electricity to non interconnected areas ( isolated villages, islands). Associated to our hybrid storage and production system, it can supply an autonomous grid up to 5 kW crest by turbine. Currenly, the electricity cost in these areas is significant and governed by Oil price.

Then, hydrokinetic turbines are the best solutions to supply electricity  for islands or rural areas close to rivers.




Power130 - 3500 W
Size1 m x 1.5 m
Weight80 kg
Rotor diameter660 mm
Water depth required1.5 m


Power curve

Simplified installation

Reduced maintenance

No civil engineering work

A cost-effective solution

Association to our hybrid conversion and storage system, P66 turbine can supply an autonomous electrical grid competitive with Genset.

With a current velocity of  2.5 m/s:

A daily production of 50 kWh  and annual of  20 000 kWh.

Full integrated production system: 

  • 20 kWh batteries
  • 1 kWc PV panels
  • 6 kW inverter

A cost between 15 and 30 cts € /kWh 

Typical electrification consumption curve versus power production curve of hybrid electricity production system. More details