Guinard Energies – 08/09/20

A new order for Togo

Gbandidi electrification rural Project

At the beginning of 2020, German company Reusch Energietechnick, specialized in hydroelectric power plants, contacted Guinard Energies Nouvelles – Acti group to take part of a renewable and decentralized electricity production project in Togo.

Led by the consortium CIREG (Climate Information for Integrated Renewable Electricity Generation), the project aims to deploy a semi-mobile container, repositionable in a few hours, integrating a hybrid power plant composed of a hydrokinetic turbine, a photovoltaic set and a battery bank. After visiting different villages along the Mono River, Gbandidi in Agbétiko canton was elected both for the match between its energy potential and the needs of its inhabitants.



The production unit will be composed of a floating Poseide 66 hydrokinetic turbine positioned on the river by a swerve arm, a C66.2.6 Hybrid converter, a 7 kWp photovoltaic set and a 30 kWh battery bank. The energy will be used by inhabitants for daily needs such as powering refrigerators, freezers, electric devices or charging mobile phones.


A project in the DNA of the company

With its experience in Hydrokinetic turbine-hybrid production units in isolated areas in Africa and South America, it is quite simply that the company from Brest (France) have agreed to provide its expertise and solutions for this project. After the first hybrid unit of Madagascar has been commissionned since september 2018, various projects including French Guiana in 2019, this new order confirms the growing interest in Hydrokinetic turbines as part of rural electrification solutions.



The P66 hydrokinetic turbine, the floatting and mooring system with the electrical converter will be sent to Germany to the headquarters of Reusch Energietechnick by mid september to be assembled in a containerized solution. Prior to be sent to Togo at the end of October ...

And commissioned right away.


Poseide 66 Hydrokinetic turbine mounted on its floating system – French Guiana (source: Guinard Energies Nouvelles – Acti group)




Press contact:

  • Nicolas Ruiz (CEO)

Téléphone : 07 83 16 82 67

  • Flavien Martine (Project manager)

Téléphone : 09 84 45 71 87


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