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After 2 years of operation in Ambatolaona, the hydrokinetic turbine P66 integrated into the life of the Malagasy village.

Le projet d'électrification rurale de Ggandidi

ERHYGE project : a showcase of hydrokinetic turbine solutions in isolated areas

 September 2018, Guinard Energies Nouvelles’ technical team left toward Madagascar to commission its first off-grid energy production facility in rural areas.

In partnership with the NGO Gret, the local grid-operator SM3E, Ademe International and the Malagasy Ministry of Energy, grouped around the ERHYGE project (Rural Electrification by HYdrolienne Guinard Energies), it is in the village of Ambatolaona, crossed by an inlet channel, that the P66 turbine was installed to supply power for the village of 200 inhabitants.

In Madagascar, numerous production facilities in isolated sites have been deployed to provide access to energy, explains Flavien MARTINE of Guinard Energies Nouvelles: “100% photovoltaic off-grid power plant are common in Madagascar, however this configuration requires a large storage bank for the night phase. The Hydrokinetic turbine in a river or a regulated channel shall operate 24/7, hybridized with an extra production source will eventually reduce battery park dimension. That is the real interest of the multi-energy hybrid systems that we offer "

Since 2018, Guinard Energies Nouvelles has marketed other solutions similar to that of Ambatolaona. For instance that Nouragues research center in french Guyana or recently in Togo.

Ambatolaona facility is coposed of a P66 Hydrokinetic turbine and a photovoltaic set mounted on top of the electric room. ©Guinard Energies Nouvelles – september 2020

An operating survey in close collaboration with the inhabitants of the village

 In 2 years of operation, the P66 turbine installed on an existing bridge in the village was exposed to  harsh local environment conditions as indicated by Nicolas Ruiz, from Guinard Energies Nouvelles: “This showcase installation has enabled us to accumulate the operating hours of our hydrokinetic turbine and thus capitalized on this feedback in order to further improve the performance and reliability of our products "

Moreover since the installation in 2018, an association of inhabitants has been formed to take care of the operating survey, the invoicing of the village's electricity consumption or even minor maintenance work tasks (solar panels cleaning, electrical devices checking, turbine overhauling, etc.).

Fidèle, an inhabitant of the village, was also trained by the Brest company during the installation. He is now liable for weekly operating data recording and assume maintenance and interventions on cutting-edge electrical devices.

As mentioned by Fetra ANDRIANANTOANDRO, NGO Gret : « The inhabitants have made the facility their own and contribute more to its sustainability not only by paying for power service. »

Madagascar, a country with a high potential for river kinetic turbine

As part of the ERHYGE project, one of the main purpose was to carry out an assessment of the hydro-kinetic potential of the island. Thus, 80 villages, from the east coast to the far southern part of the country were analyzed. This enabled the mapping of potential kinetic turbine compatible sites in Madagascar.

Madagascar has many rivers with a high hydrokinetic - ©Guinard Energies Nouvelles – september 2018

Many villages similar to that of Ambatolaona have been identified as part of this mapping, thus revealing the river and estuarine tidal potential of the "red island".

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