HYDRORIV Project – CNRS, French Guiana

Analysis of the performance of a river turbine - Nouragues science station (HYDRORIV)

Hybrid tidal and photovoltaic installation intended to supply electricity to the Saut-Pararé research station (CNRS) located in the middle of the Nouragues nature reserve.

This new autonomous hybrid production facility aims to be monitored and followed by a team of researchers from the Grenoble laboratory G2Elab in order to validate the actual production of the production system with a view to the final shutdown of the generator set, hitherto used in support of the old photovoltaic installation.



Project specifications

Turbine P66 - 3.5 kW
Storage 30 kWh - Lead
Converter C66 Hybrid 2.6
Photovoltaic 3,2 kWc
Inverter 6 kVA

Project partners: